It’s been a while…

I woke up this weekend and suddenly realized I miss writing. I’m not sure why I stopped or when, but opened my blog and was thrilled to see that I had 16 drafts eagerly awaiting my attention. Even more thrilling? They were all still relevant and potentially worth sharing after 6 months of collecting dust in my drafts folder. While I make my way to each of those worthy posts, let’s catch up on the last demi-year of my life…

There were some serious business moves. After three years of flying solo and loving every minute of it, I decided to take on a partner. She’s one of the most talented women I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in my career and I am honored that she has joined me as my work wifey.

There was a breakup. We were planning to move in together, named the dog we were going to get after moving in together, then things ended. Very amicably. I now see him every morning at our neighborhood coffee shop and he completely ignores me, so that’s fun.

There were some dates. Oh so many dates. There was the 40 year old man who willingly participates in both Santa-con and Pirate-con, and openly discusses said activity (and shares pictures) on first dates. There was that guy who owns a motorcycle company, yet opted to pick me up for our date in an old minivan that had a mattress in the back.

There was a new passport. My old one officially expired this year, which meant I had the pleasure of spending 5 hours at the New York Passport Agency to get a rush-order passport before skipping off to Antigua, Guatemala for a work slash play trip that confused the hell out of the customs agent who asked why I was there. Turns out, having a new passport ignited some sort of travel bug, so I’m skipping off to Colombia next week…with a guy I met in Guatemala…naturally. (Sorry, mom and dad!)

Speaking of, there was Antigua. You know those moments when you step outside of your own life and get a brief glimpse into how truly blessed you are? My 5 days in Antigua. Not just blessed to be in Antigua, but blessed to be surrounded by such extraordinary people in NYC, blessed to work with people I can truly call friends, blessed to connect with characters worth knowing from around the world, blessed to have built a career that has yet to feel like a job, blessed to live a life of independence and adventure, blessed to be able to give back to others.

There was so much Flywheel. Oh so much Flywheel.

There were photo shoots, and pop ups, and weddings, and visitors, and SNL, and snow, and friendsgiving, and Killington, and the flu, and so much more. It’s been a solid 6 months and I look forward to documenting what lies ahead in the most entertainingly sarcastic way possible.




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