One of my all-time favorite words is thrice. Close second is truel, which I recently learned is a duel between three people. Being one of four siblings, this word would have been quite useful in childhood.

These days, my siblings and I get along quite well, which may or may not have something to do with the fact that we no longer chase each other down the hall with wooden oars and we’ve outgrown hair pulling and we generally have less face time with which to bicker. After decades of squabbles, it seems we actually have some things in common, aside from our genetic fiber. Betwixt Amsterdam, Baltimore, and NYC, my sisters and I were recently in agreement on something…likely Kardashian-related. Shamefully, there are far too many similarities between the Cesari sisters and the three eldest Kardashian’s. I digress.

In the midst of our textual exchange, it seemed a bit redundant for two of us to “ditto” the original statement; thus, I invented a new word:

Tritto (trit-oh)
adverb –
1. as previously stated by two parties.
2. Informal. what they said.

I’ve submitted an official addition application to Webster’s thrice, but there seems to be some sort of truel between the Vocabulary Development Bureau, Board of Modern Syntax, and Wordly Wise. Stay tuned.



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