Minor panic attack

I’m typically a pretty carefree person, but there are a few things that will always give me anxiety. This morning, I had a brief moment of panic trying to decide whether to head out early to get some work done or stay home and watch Ryan Reynolds play skeeball on Today. It’s, sadly, a pretty big deal that I went with option A.

Aside from the rare and nearly irresistible combination of Ryan Reynolds and skeeball, the following things tend to bring angst to my otherwise harmonious life:

My iPhone battery: anything below 51% is unacceptable. Red zone and I’m likely sweating profusely and/or hyperventilating. Check my purse; you’ll find a charger inside.

Automatic sinks: what if you soap up and the thing stops working?!

Purchasing flights: when my family showed up at the Grand Cayman airport and discovered that my mom accidentally booked our return flights for January 31 instead of December 31, I discovered that airline booking mistakes can be very VERY costly. Now, when purchasing flights, I get a severe case of OCD, check the details of my selection at least thrice and struggle to click confirm with a shaking finger and twitching eye.

Eating alone: how am I supposed to decide what to eat?! I know what I had for my last meal and know I don’t want that again; otherwise, there are far too many options in Manhattan and I’d rather not.

The finger prick: it’s not so much the act itself as it is the memory of being held down by two nurses while a third pricked my finger for a blood sample. I was a terrible patient until the age of 10. Weird that I then dreamed of being a pediatrician.

Traveling: I’m cool as a cucumber on the plane, but I won’t get a wink of sleep the night before. Did I forget to pack something? What if I miss my flight? Should I take a cab or the bus? Do I have my phone charger?

Ms. Cesari & Guest: I love weddings! They’re one of the few occasions I don’t mind wearing heels because I know they’ll be coming off as soon as the music starts, possibly sooner. That said, why do I have to bring a guest?! Am I the only single person in your life? Is bringing my own dance partner the only chance I’ll have at not dancing alone all night? Do I have to bring a guest to ensure an even number of seats at every table? Most importantly, can I bring my cat?



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