I haven’t always been single, nor will I be single forever; however, there are several very obvious reasons I’m in this current state. While the highlights were thankfully caught in the filter between my mind and this blog, a convenient 10 snuck through:

1) I put exponentially more effort into getting ready to go out with my girlfriends than I do to go out with a guy.

2) I want to meet, date, and fall in love with a man from the fictional town of Bluebell or any Nicholas Sparks novel.

3) My best friend is a guy I met on okcupid.

4) I cry at commercials and will likely mention this when a handsome stranger offers to buy me a drink at a bar.

5) Serious commitment issues…only 5 of 12 piercings are still around.

6) I have a cat that plays fetch and I often video it to share with anyone and everyone, even a first date. (I can provide names if you don’t believe me.)

7) My taste in men includes Eli Manning and Michael Phelps.

8) A significant portion of my wardrobe used to belong to my grandparents, including a gran-me-down fanny pack.

9) 96% of my thoughts and feelings can be defined by Taylor Swift lyrics or someecards.

10) I’m weird, stubborn, sarcastic, and a closet romantic…I’d much rather hang out with people who already know and accept that.



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