Sleep mode

I put my UP bracelet on sleep mode, got in bed, and subsequently proceeded to:

-Attempt to sleep
-Text my ex
-Play Candy Crush Saga
-Fail Candy Crush Saga
-Draft a blog post about my family
-Go through my Facebook albums to find a family photo
-Check Instagram
-Review my Facebook newsfeed
-Text my newfound crush
-Turn on the fan so I could no longer blame the heat for keeping me up
-Give sleeping on my stomach a shot
-Play Bejeweled Blitz
-Peruse okcupid
-Get scolded by okcupid because “maybe it’s time to be a little less selective?”
-Give Candy Crush Saga another shot
-Fail Candy Crush Saga, yet again
-Text another ex about a pic I found going through my Facebook albums
-Read Chrissy Teigen’s tweets
-Draft a blog post about shoes
-Check out Michael Phelp’s Instagram pics of his dogs
-Update my Facebook status
-Play fetch with my cat
-Throw my pillow to the foot of the bed and try the upside down slumber party

Two and a half hours later, decided to take a quick nap. At this point, I’m mostly concerned about the lack of sleep stunting my growth.



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